A tribute to The Legend-Freddy Mercury

A tribute from director Rudi Dolezal to the Legend. Features many outtakes from the videos and funny moments by Freddie.

 Freddy Mercury’s Life-The song is Forver by Queen

Magie della tecnologia…..

A german TV channel made a video trick and bring one of the best singers back to life

We’ll always love you ,Freddy! Grazie per tutto quello che ci hai dato……e che rimarrà per sempre, forever


Una Risposta to “A tribute to The Legend-Freddy Mercury”

  1. I really love this, to see the funny side of Freddie M. I have to say, tears were running cause a great man and singer left us to young. I think what he said “if I had to change things in my life,m I would do it diffenent ”
    He would. I think Queen would go on longer then 1986.
    There will be no other band (ever) like Queen!!!!!
    There will be on one like Mr.Mercury (ever) .
    I have LOVE their songs, and still do.
    Thank you for this, I could care less about him being gay, as long as he was happy with his life. ( I mean this in a good way )
    He was so damn good looking!!!!!!!!.


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